Elton John’s Hair Transplant: What is the Story Behind It?

From chart-topping hits to larger-than-life stage performances, Elton John’s iconic career has always been under the spotlight. Yet, it isn’t just his extraordinary musical talents that have captured the public’s attention. Equally intriguing is the tale of his hair, a story interwoven with his fame and persona.

The ups and downs of this journey, from his lush mane in his youth to a receding hairline, and ultimately, baldness, have made headlines just as frequently as his blockbuster songs. In particular, his decision to undergo a hair transplant in the late 1970s has been a topic of much discussion and intrigue. So, what exactly unfolded in the saga of Elton John’s journey to restore his hair? Let’s unravel the details of this captivating narrative.

Who is Elton John?

Elton John, born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947, is one of the most successful and influential musicians of the modern era. This English singer, songwriter, and pianist rose to fame in the 1970s with his flamboyant stage presence, signature oversized glasses, and powerful voice. Over his career spanning more than five decades, he has gifted the world with a rich trove of rock and pop anthems that continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

John’s discography is brimming with classic hits like “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Candle in the Wind,” and “Your Song,” many of which he wrote in collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin. With over 300 million records sold, he stands among the best-selling music artists in history. Aside from his music, John is also known for his extensive philanthropic work, especially in the fight against AIDS. His dynamic personality, unyielding dedication to music, and enduring relevance make Elton John an iconic figure in the world of entertainment.

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What Was Elton John’s Hair Like When He Was Young?

In his early twenties, Elton John sported a striking mane of hair that stood as an unmistakable emblem of his youth and vitality. Far from the hair loss issues that he would later encounter, his hair was lush, voluminous, and luxuriant. It was characterized by its thickness and a natural wave, reminiscent of a lion’s mane, that lent him an aura of wild and untamed energy. [1]

This signature look, a stark contrast to his later appearances, was a key part of his early image, enhancing his stage persona during the nascent phase of his stardom. His youthful hair was as much a part of the Elton John package as his prodigious musical talent and flamboyant style.


Elton John’s Hair Loss Journey

The renowned singer-songwriter Elton John, known as much for his flamboyant style as for his timeless tunes, began battling hair loss at an astonishingly young age. As a testament to this struggle, a video from the swinging 70s on his official Instagram account reveals how the star ingeniously used the forward combing technique to camouflage his receding hairline. [2]

However, this hair wizardry was only a temporary solution. Further down the line, an old photo with the legendary Brazilian footballer, Pele, captures a dramatically different image. Here, Elton John is seen sporting a look that highlights a near-total hair loss, a stark contrast to his earlier youthful mane.

Why Did His Hair Fall Out?

While the exact cause of Elton John’s hair loss hasn’t been revealed, the consensus points to male pattern baldness as the usual suspect. This common condition, afflicting millions of men globally, seemingly did not spare even a superstar like Elton John.

Yet, there may be other contributing factors at play as well. The wild ride of a rock-star lifestyle, characterized by its relentless pace, the heavy toll of fame-induced stress and anxiety, coupled with episodes of substance abuse, may have further fueled the singer’s hair loss woes. [3]

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Has Elton John Ever Used A Wig?

Yes, Elton John, the style maverick, turned to wigs in his quest to cover up the baldness he so disliked. His journey of wearing wigs began with earlier models that, in his own candid admission, were not very appealing in their appearance. With the progression of time, wigs have evolved, much like Elton’s music, into more sophisticated, natural-looking versions that have helped him maintain his iconic image. His wig-related escapades include an amusing anecdote, a testament to his enduring sense of humor:

“I decided to wear a wig and the first wigs I had were so bad, I remember the review when I came out for the Freddie Mercury concert at Wembley said I had a dead squirrel on my head,” the ex-Watford FC chairman told the BBC.

Yet, Elton John’s relationship with his wigs is a serious one. Despite the occasional snigger from the press about his hairpieces, he has maintained that the feeling of baldness overshadows any jibes thrown his way.


Did Elton John Get A Hair Transplant?

Elton John made a candid revelation in a radio interview with Chris Evans in 2016. The music maestro shared that his dissatisfaction with the shape of his head led him down the path of hair restoration efforts. The late 1970s saw him in Paris, undergoing a hair transplant procedure that unfortunately did not live up to its promise.

The hair transplant industry was in its infancy during this era, and the less advanced techniques used then may have contributed to the unsatisfactory outcome of the procedure.

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How Has The Hair Transplant Industry Rapidly Evolved In Recent Years?

The hair transplant industry has experienced a significant metamorphosis in recent years, paving the way for enhanced techniques and outcomes that were once unthinkable. The days of obsolete methods yielding inconsistent and unsatisfactory results are in the rearview mirror.

Today, the sector is spearheaded by sophisticated technological advancements, stringent surgical protocols, and a commitment to individualized patient care, making hair transplant a more viable and effective solution for hair loss than ever before.

The most notable advancements include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), two techniques that have revolutionized the hair transplant industry. FUE involves removing individual follicular units and transplanting them to the balding areas, while DHI employs a specially designed tool to control the depth, direction, and angle of the implanted hair follicles.

When executed in a reputable clinic, these modern methods offer over a 98% success rate, setting a new standard in the hair restoration field. These recent developments have ushered in an era of unprecedented success and patient satisfaction in the hair transplant sector.

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Navigating through the captivating narrative of Elton John’s hair restoration journey, one can’t help but appreciate his determination to reclaim his iconic image. His battle with hair loss and his subsequent pursuit of a hair transplant mirrors the experiences of countless individuals worldwide. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of hair restoration procedures.

In our current era, advances in medical science have made it possible to achieve natural-looking and highly successful hair transplant results. At Hair of Istanbul, we take pride in delivering such high-quality outcomes. Our team of skilled professionals employs state-of-the-art techniques to provide a tailored approach to each patient’s unique needs.

Much like Elton John, if you are grappling with hair loss and seeking to restore your hair to its former glory, remember that you are not alone. We encourage you to reach out to us at Hair of Istanbul, where we will guide you on your own transformative journey towards renewed confidence and self-esteem.



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