FUE Technique

Hair transplantation is a highly successful procedure that is popular not only in our country but also around the world. Hair transplantation procedures have advanced significantly since they were first used. Today, operations are carried out using cutting-edge equipment and the FUE Technique hair transplanting process. Thus, patients with severe hair loss can permanently fix their hair loss problem using the latest generation hair transplant technology.

The hair follicles transplanted to the patient are the patient’s own. As a result, when grafts are taken from their cells are used in hair transplantation, the success rate is high. There is no risk of allergic reaction. The rate of hair attached to the skin is likewise very high. As a result, incredibly successful hair transplant procedures are carried out. Following the operation, the person’s hair thrives. The patient’s hair grows back thick and luxuriant. Hair transplant surgeries are being performed in exceedingly pleasant and sanitary environments. As a result, Hair of Istanbul is leading the entire world.


Why Hair of Istanbul Prefers FUE Technique as a Hair Transplant Method

The greatest technique for achieving maximal density and a natural look in the world to be transplanted without leaving any scars in the donor location is widely acknowledged to be FUE. Since 2013, Hair of Istanbul has performed over 13000 operations using the FUE technology.

The outcomes of the treatments we underwent demonstrated to us that the FUE technique is the most pleasant approach that has been created thus far, and those who had hair transplantation using this technique were generally pleased with the outcome because of its natural appearance.

Here are the advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction method. In hair transplantation procedures performed with the FUE technique;

  • • People do not feel pain and the local anesthesia provides a comfortable procedure.
  • • It does not require hospitalization after the procedure. The person can return to their normal life after 1 day.
  • • A high number of hair grafts can be extracted from the donor area, there is no scar and suture mark.
  • • 90% of hair transplantation procedures performed with the FUE method are performed in one sitting and take an average of 6-8 hours.

The Importance of the Frontal Hairline in Fue Hair Transplantation

The fue method is crucial, in terms of employing modern equipment. Before the Fue hair transplant process is used, it is determined how to determine the hairline to be transplanted. The front hairline is critical in hair transplantation.

Hair density should increase in the area where the hair is placed. As a result, determining the hairline correctly is critical. It is critical in this regard that plastic surgeons and skilled physicians perform it because millimetric calculations are used to define the  hairline.

The design stage determines how it will be, where to start, and how dense it will be in whatever region. As a result, Fue hair transplant surgery is a critical method that requires precision.

Prices for Fue Technique Hair Transplant

The pricing list for hair transplantation varies. The question of how many hair grafts will be extracted and how many hair grafts will be placed affects the pricing. A hair transplant operation for a patient with thin hair is not the same as for a bald patient whose hair has been completely gone. As a result, factors such as how many hair follicles will be transplanted and how long the operation will take affect the cost of the hair transplant procedure.

We pay attention to all the details that we mentioned in this article. We ensure that everyone who comes for fue technique hair transplantation returns to their country satisfied with the hair transplantation process and results at Hair of Istanbul. To learn more, please feel free to contact with us.