Hair transplant surgery before and after photos in Hair of Istanbul consists of more than 10,000 patients who are beyond happy with their transformation. We believe there is an unmeasurable value in helping people become more confident in their skin than anything else.

Before you decide to undergo such a procedure, you should consider the hair transplant surgery before and after images. The procedure usually takes between four and eight hours. Some people may require more than one procedure. You’ll be put under pain medication, need to wear bandages, and take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs for several days. Depending on your specific procedure, you can return to work as early as two to five days after your surgery.

The procedure involves splitting a small strip of scalp into tiny fragments. Sometimes, the grafts contain just one hair. Your surgeon will use small punctures in your scalp to place the new hair follicles into. He’ll then sew the flap into place and cover it with bandages or gauze. After the procedure, your hair transplant scar won’t be noticeable once you get back to normal.

After your surgery, you may wash your hair lightly two to three days after the procedure. However, you should avoid wearing any head coverings or doing vigorous physical activities for at least a week. You may also experience crusting or small scabs after your surgery. The scalp will remain numb for a few weeks, but these will eventually disappear. Depending on the health of your transplanted hair, you’ll see dramatic changes in your hair within three to four months.

Hair Transplant Capital of the World


Hair Transplant in Turkey


Turkey is the hair transplant capital of the world! Travelling to Turkey for a hair transplant is a great way to save money, as the cost of the operation is far lower than in other countries. Traveling to Turkey is relatively easy, and the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can range anywhere from 10 to 20 percent less than in other countries. The cost of treatment is dependent on the type of procedure and how much hair loss is present. Turkey is also a popular destination for tourists, with many scenic seaside resorts.

Traveling for plastic surgery is becoming a more common and welcome trend, with more people looking to save money. Turkey is a relatively cheap country, so many world-class surgeons are setting up shop in the country. Because of its low cost, more people are considering hair transplant surgery in Turkey, which is an excellent option for a hair transplant procedure. The Turkish government is offering incentives for tourists to travel to Turkey for plastic surgery, and the country is quickly becoming a medical tourism hub.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey


Hair of Istanbul


There are many clinics and hospitals in Turkey offering hair transplant procedures. Leading facilities are fully equipped with the latest surgical supplies and equipment and adhere to strict procedural guidelines. The cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey varies, depending on the clinic and surgeon’s expertise.


Here are some tips for choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey:


  • Before undergoing the procedure, you must be in good health. A hair transplant in Turkey is best for healthy mature individuals, and people with severe hair loss conditions are not eligible. It requires that the donor area has sufficient hair, and a blood test is required to rule out other factors that could be causing the hair loss. Your doctor will also examine your donor area for grafts. If you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery, it will take approximately three months to see the results. The full effect of the surgery will take about one year to take place.

  • FUE hair transplant procedure uses the latest technology in hair transplant. It involves an implanted pen to implant hair follicles. This method is much easier and faster than DHI. It uses high-quality donor hair roots and requires fewer scars. However, you will need to choose a private hospital and a doctor that is accredited by international medical organizations. A professional who is trained in these techniques can help you achieve the natural look you want.

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World’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey


What feelings come to you when you look at our hair transplant before and after images? Many say it is inspiring to see other men and women gather the courage to go for what they want. And eventually, get the result that they desire.

While before and after photos of hair transplantation can be viewed as stunning photographs that show excellent results, it is important to remember that good aftercare and medical advice are essential. Here in Hair of Istanbul, we want to convey the message that affordable pricing for our procedures does not mean there is any compensation with the quality that we offer.

The currency differences is one of the major reasons why Turkey in general is able to offer cheaper prices than most of the prominent countries that offer such treatments. This is also due to the fact that the minimum wage, cost-of-living, housing, rental, utility, and management costs are among the lowest in the country than in other countries.

Over the course of our years doing what we do, we have encountered many patients with doubts in their mind, however, at the end they become the happiest individuals. Their results become our brand’s ambassadors for life, meaning only that our work has been our biggest marketing strategy. Therefore, our Hair Transplant surgery before and after images is the ultimate proof that we are skilled at what we do. We have proven our quality over the course of time by producing thousands of content customers.


Hair Transplant Surgery Results: Patients Gallery Before & After



Hair of Istanbul, we believe that our work should speak for itself as this is the best way for you to measure our result-oriented outlook when it comes to hair transplant surgery. That is solely why we are keen to grow our portfolio and show you what we can do with hair transplant surgery before and after images.

Many clinics offer hair transplant surgery, and you can choose one based on the surgeon’s reputation and experience. Prices vary, and you can combine your hair transplant with a vacation in Turkey. The cost depends on the technique used, including follicular unit transplant or extraction. Other factors that affect cost include the quality of the clinic, how many patients they have performed the surgery, and the surgeon that performs the procedure.

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