Hair Transplant with FUE Method Copy

Hair of Istanbul Hair Transplant Center in Turkey in Istanbul specialized on FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions) Method for eight years. Hair transplant is a surgery for people who suffer from baldness both men and women. It affects people’s social life, especially in a professional business interactions.

As a Hair of Istanbul, what we do is helping people to get back their natural hair by helping of latest scientific researches and 100% satisfaction rate. PRP treatment including to the surgery.

hair transplant turkey with fue technic hair of istanbul
hair of istanbul hair transplant turkey

Most Natural Hair Line Aimed

Hair line design is a key process for the success of hair transplant. Drawing hair line is a hard job, it must look natural and symmetrical. While our “Hair Line Designer” drawing patient’s hair line, forehead is measuring with gauges those designed by our own R&D department. While drawing hair line design we are considering patient’s need, if they wants the lower or higher.

Hair line depends on age, health conditions, and other factors like head shape and golden rate. Calculating them and giving best hair line is very hard job. It affects whole result of this surgery.

Optimal Hair Graft Count Policy

In hair transplant people are frequently asking about are we charging per graft, or is there any limit for hair follicular unit. Greft count per operation depends on patient’s baldness. We are not doing an operation if patients donor are insufficient.

During the consultation before hair transplant we are giving approximate number of potential grefts we transplant to cover your bald area. Our pricing policy is not per graft, it is based on covering our patients bald area. We have also break hair transplant world record by transplanting over 6200 grefts in one session.

hair transplantation turkey
hair transplantation fue method in turkey

Permanent Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation surgery is not permanent solution for hair loss. But there are two factors make your hair transplant permanent. First, if your donor area must be nape area and you have to take care with your hair.

Nape area is independent from hormonal changes. Other hair like beard, chest and body hair are dependent with hormonal changes. We are only using back of your neck as a donor area. Therefore your new hairs will not fall down.

Prevention your existed hair is a key factor for hair transplant permanency. There are two ways you may block hair fall. Care your hair from outside with high quality shampoos like Davines and Kerastase. Eating healthy, and exercising increases your blood quality.

You may also get a PRP treatment so it also feed hair roots. Increasing blood circulation and blood quality prevent hair fall.

Once you apply these procedures your hair will be stronger day by day. Thickness and density will be maximum.