Why Do We Use the FUE Method

It has been accepted all over the world that FUE is the best method that allows us to achieve maximum density and natural appearance in the area to be transplanted without leaving any scars in the donor area. As Hair of Istanbul, the FUE technique has been used in more than 12 thousand procedures that we have carried out since 2013. The results of these procedures that we followed showed us that the most comfortable technique developed so far in hair transplantation is the FUE technique, and the people who had hair transplantation with the FUE method were mostly satisfied with the result due to the natural appearance.

In hair transplantation procedures performed with the FUE technique;

beard and hair transplant in turkey with fue technic
hair of istanbul hair transplant turkey

• People do not feel pain and the local anesthesia provides a comfortable procedure.

• It does not require hospitalization after the procedure. The person can return to their normal life after 1 day.

• A high number of hair can be extracted from the donor area, there is no scar and suture mark.

• 90% of hair transplantation procedures performed with the FUE method are performed in one sitting and take an average of 6-8 hours.

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