Moments Heureux


Voici les moments heureux de nos chers patients! Différentes nationalités, différents caractères, différentes caractéristiques génétiques... Même excitation, mêmes bons résultats, même bonheur ! Voici le résumé de Hair of Istanbul et des chers patients de HOI Galerie. N'aimeriez-vous pas prendre part à cette belle table du bonheur ? Votre place est prête!

Gkiorkem's Hair Transplant Experience at Hair of Istanbul

Gkiorkem is from Munich, Germany and is 27 years old. He tells how he came to choose Hair of Istanbul. He explains why he wanted to get a hair transplant. He shares his experience of the services he received and in the end recommends the clinic to anyone who wants to get a hair transplant.

New beard, new look!

Cordy is from Los Angeles, California. He tells the reason for him coming to Hair of Istanbul. He tells his experience of the services he received at the clinic. He tells how he came to know about the clinic. He explains the steps of the procedure in detail. He talks about the places he visited during his trip. He tells about the aftercare. He gives advice to prospective hair transplant patients on what to look for when researching about a clinic. In the end, he gives his review on the clinic, the staff, the country and all the services he received during his visit.

Hair Transplant Turkey: for Afro-American Ladies

Hair of Istanbul is a hair health clinic specialized on FUE hair transplant. This video is about our women hair transplant patient from United States.

Afro American Hair Transplant Surgery | Curly Hair Loss Treatment

Afro American hair transplantation has successful results with special attention. Lamarcus Widget, one of our patients with curly and thick hair, is 36 years old and came to Hair of Istanbul to have his hair transplanted from the US. Lamarcus explains that his friend, who had his hair transplanted at Hair of Istanbul in 2021, was impressed by the results of the hair transplant and made this choice.