Afro Type Hair and Beard Transplantation

Removing hair follicles from people with curly hair, which we call Afro-Type, is a difficult process. Removing the curled root, which cannot be seen under the skin, is one of the difficult stages of the procedure.

Hair of Istanbul has created a special team with superior skills and experience in ethnic hair restoration and ethnic cosmetic surgery for this hair type. Special hair and beard transplantation techniques are applied to make an Afro hair and beard look natural and dense.
Providing the right hairline and required density in an Afro-Type procedure is the most important issue to achieve a natural look. As Hair of Istanbul, more than 2000 successful Afro-Type hair transplantation procedures have been performed so far.

(Please click the link for example of Afro American Hair Transplant.)

beard transplantation in turkey with fue technic