Beard Transplant with FUE Method

Hair of Istanbul Hair Transplant Center in Turkey in Istanbul specialized on FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions) Method for eight years. Beard transplant is a surgery for people who suffer from bald face. It affects people’s social life, especially in a professional business interactions. 

As a Hair of Istanbul, what we do is helping people to provide most natural beard by helping of latest scientific researches and 100% satisfaction rate. 

beard transplant turkey hair of istanbul with fue method
beard and hair transplant in turkey with fue technic

Beard Transplant Healing Process

It is completely normal to experience swelling, redness, mild bruising and sensitivity after the operation. These are common slight side effects.

Noticing you chin and cheeks swelling can seem concerning at first but there is nothing to worry about apart from being unable to eat and speak properly. Some tiny crusts are likely to appear as a result of the surgery.

It is also normal during the 7-10 days period that follows the operation. Having these crusts after 10 days can be considered as an unusual situation. The open wounds makes antibiotic usage crucial.

The wounds are more vulnerable to any type of infections. Especially the first seven days of the post-operational period, antibiotics to be used accordingly. Generally the beard transplant healing process doesn’t cause too much pain.

It is easy without any significant problem. It is important to be in contact with your doctor after the operation. Every unusual appearances should be reported as soon as possible.

How do we do the beard transplantation?

We use the Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE technique in our beard transplant surgeries. Besides being a widely used hair transplant technique, it has some other advantages compared to other transplant techniques.

In Follicular Unit Extraction Technique, we remove the hair from the donor area by including their follicules and place them in the desired position.

A normal surgery takes 2 to 5 hours. During this time the patient doesn’t feel any pain as an effect of the anesthesia. The donor area will get oval scars as a result of the operation.

FUE is known with its shorter recovery time after the operation. So in many cases it suits most the needs of the ones who want to have a beard transplant.

afro american hair transplant in turkey
beard transplantation in turkey with fue technic

Can you shave after beard transplant?

There is not a fixed amount of time that needs to be spent after the operation before shaving your beard. It depends on how your wounds heal and how your body responds to the operation. You need to check the status of your operation area before considering shaving.

At first you need to make sure that all your wounds have healed and your skin is free from abnormal sensitivity. Scabs that are formed as a result of the healing process needs to go away if you want to start shaving.

Generally, your body gets ready for shaving 2-3 weeks after the operation. Taking into consideration that every body has its own unique way to heal, you can decide when to start shaving.