About Hair Transplantation Surgery

People between the ages of 18 and 60 who have experienced hair loss for any cause or who have a genetically wide forehead require hair transplantation. Microsurgery is used in this treatment, which is carried out in a hospital setting, under sterile settings, by medical professionals and teams with expertise in this area.

There are four stages of Hair Transplant:

  • Determination of the Hairline
  • Extracting Hair with the FUE Technique
  • Channel Opening
  • Hair Transplantation

Before Operation

Once the patient’s booking is confirmed, the HOI team arranges Hotel & Transfers, informs the patient about what are the requisites and advises them on having a successful operation.

The most important step before the operation is the determination of the hairline. Within the patient’s natural limits, the hairline should be determined.

Hotel &

Once the patient’s booking is confirmed, the Hair of Istanbul team arranges Airport to Hotel(round trip) and Hotel to Clinic transfers with VIP rides. HOI patients stay in 5-star sea-side Hotel with breakfast included. HOI will stay in touch with patients 24/7 for %100 customer service.

Consultation & Guidance

During booking for hair transplant operation; Hair of Istanbul reviews receiving and donor areas as an initial consultation. When your booking is confirmed, Individual Representative inform our patients what they might need before the operation.


Hair of Istanbul advises patients not to consume alcohol at least one week before FUE hair transplantation surgery. Also, you should cut down on cigarettes.
Patients are strongly advised to have breakfast on the operation morning. Patients are allowed to eat their meals before the surgery.

During Operation

Hair of Istanbul prefers Follicular Unit Extraction as a hair transplant technic.This method provides no-scar and painless surgery with the maximum possible amount of grafts.

Having natural density, in general, is the point of success in hair transplant operations. HOI has done more than 10000 operations since 2013 with over a 99% success rate.

Natural Hairline Design

Hairline design is the first stage and at the same time one of the most important parts of the surgery. During the hairline design, we inspect previous hairline images of patients and give the most natural and beautiful hairline possible by considering the donor area.


Hair transplant operations have various phases. One of them is the extraction of hair grafts. Roots must be taken out with the tissue, but micro motor should not harm the skin overall. The graft extraction phase is also called FUE and only talented surgeons may operate.


Besides hairline design and graft extraction, root channel opening determines the final look of the new appearance. Hair naturally grow with angles. HOI medical team is experienced and wise enough to provide the best possible hair transplant surgery.

After Operation

When hair transplantation surgery is done, our doctor informs the patient about the medications.

Day after surgery, the patient’s medical dressing is performed by the nurses. The day before departure, the patient representative informs you of aftercare and the first wash process operating in the clinic.

First Night After Surgery

After hair transplant surgery, the patient’s receiving and donor areas are very sensitive. There are also anesthesia liquids still in the body. Therefore hitting or bending over affects the surgery results. Sleeping with a travel pillow is advised. HOI team is always ready just in case of an emergency.

Aftercare Products

Hair of Istanbul, products determined by hair specialists are used in cooperation with Kerastase in order for the transplanted hair to grow in a shorter time and in a healthier way after hair transplantation. Hair of Istanbul Representatives provides product sets to patients before they leave the clinic.

Keep in Touch with HOI

The hair transplant process actually starts with the surgery. Growing the new hair takes around 3-5 months, it takes 8-12 months to see the final results. HOI’s experienced team understands patients’ needs and provides necessary information during the healing process for ensuring %100 customer satisfaction.