Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process of permanently transplanting new hair to the area, needed by people between the ages of 18 and 60 who have experienced hair loss for any reason or who have a genetically wide forehead. This procedure is performed in a hospital environment, under sterile conditions, by doctors and health teams specialized in this field, using microsurgery.


Hair transplantation in Hair of Istanbul takes place in 4 stages;

hair transplant turkey with fue technic hair of istanbul

Determination of the Hairline for Hair Transplantation

Determining the correct hairline in the hair transplantation process is the most important step for the aesthetic appearance. The hairline should be determined within the natural limits of the person, by evaluating the age and genetic structure of the person, and should be created according to the request of the person by providing a certain amount of symmetry without going beyond the technical rules.

As Hair of Istanbul, the most important reason why we attach importance to the hairline is to ensure that people are satisfied with this line that they will see for a lifetime.

Extracting Hair with the FUE Technique

After the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia, hair follicles are taken using the FUE micro motor. The grafts taken are separated according to their number and number of graft roots and prepared for transplantation in special solutions.

Incisions on the Receiving Area for Hair Transplantation

The technique through which the tiny incisions are made, is determined according to the structure of the grafts taken and the special condition of receiving area. With the determined technique, plan is made according to the natural aspects of the hair to be transplanted, and incisions made to the area to be transplanted are as much as the number of grafts taken with the FUE technique, and it is made ready for the transplantation process.

Hair Transplantation Stage

This stage is the final stage of the hair transplantation process. The grafts taken are transferred to the tiny incisions made with the correct technique. As Hair of Istanbul, we complete our hair transplant process in a way that we can provide the most natural appearance according to the thickness and number of roots of the hair.


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beard and hair transplant in turkey with fue technic