Hair Transplant with FUE Method inTurkey

Hair of Istanbul Hair Transplant Center in Turkey in Istanbul specializes in the FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions) method for eight years now. Hair transplant is a procedure done on people who suffer from thinning or baldness, both men and women. Hair thinning or baldness can impact people’s social life and they’re self confidence, especially if you’re also a person who attends frequently to professional business interactions.

At Hair of Istanbul, what we aim for is to help people recover their natural hair with the reliance upon scientific research and tend to achieve 100% satisfaction rate. PRP treatment is including in the procedure.

hair transplant turkey with fue technic hair of istanbul
hair of istanbul hair transplant turkey

Most Natural Hair Line Aimed

Hair line design is a key process for the success of hair transplant. Creating a natural hairline has always been one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant. It must look natural and symmetrical. Our ability to create a natural hairline has dramatically increased over the years. Our “Hair Line Designer” defines the patient’s ’s hair line, the forehead is measured with equipment that are customized and designed by our own R&D department.

While shaping and defining the hair line design we consider the patient’s needs and their overall satisfaction with the placement and distance in accordance to their forehead.

The hair line depends on age, health conditions, and other factors like the patient’s head shape and golden rate.

Taking the correct calculations and having the right measurements is difficult yet crucial to the procedure, any inaccuracy can affect the final result.

Optimal Hair Graft Count Policy

In regards to hair transplant, people frequently ask if we charge per graft, or if  there is a limit for the hair follicular unit. The graft count per procedure depends on how thin the patient’s hair is or how bald they are. We cannot undergo the procedure if the patient’s donor area is insufficient.

During your consultation session, prior to your procedure, we give you an estimate number of how many grafts would we need to cover your bald area/treat the thinned area. Our pricing policy is not per graft, it is based on how much is needed to cover our patient’s bald spot or area of problem. We were able to transplant over 6200 grafts in one session, breaking the world record of hair transplants.

hair transplantation turkey
hair transplantation fue method in turkey

Permanent Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is not a permanent solution for hair loss. However, there are two factors that make your hair transplant last. First, your donor area must be the nape area and you have to handle your hair with care.

Nape area is not affected by hormonal changes. Hair taken from other places like the beard, chest and body hair change with/is affected by hormonal changes. That is why we only use the back of your neck as a donor area. Therefore, your new implanted hair will not fall out.

Keeping our existed hair intact is a key factor for hair transplant permanency. There are two ways you may prevent hair fall. Protect your hair from the outside with high quality shampoos like Davines and Kerastase. Eating healthy, and exercising increases your blood flow and the quality.

You may also get a PRP treatment so it can nourish the hair roots. Increasing blood circulation and blood quality prevents hair fall.

Once you implement this change and incorporate it with your lifestyle, your hair will be stronger day by day. For maximum thickness and density.