Forehead Reduction with Hair Transplant

People with a naturally wide forehead who do not have hair loss can achieve their desire for a narrower forehead image through hair transplantation is the reason why we classify the forehead reduction operation under a different heading.

Forehead Reduction Operation

The creation of a new hairline that is compatible with the patient’s muscular structures on the forehead is the most crucial aspect of forehead reduction operations. In forehead reduction operations, the person receives the desired forehead line and hairline and the hair transplant with the proper hairline and technique typically looks natural.

Determining the New Hairline

The initial stage of the procedure and one of its most crucial components is the hairline design. When designing the hairline, it is important, not effuse to muscle tissue. We are aware of where the muscle starts, and the hairline ends.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Roots should be removed together with the tissue, but micro motors should not damage the skin as a whole. Only experienced surgeons are allowed to perform the follicular unit extraction(FUE) step also known as graft extraction.

Root Channel Opening

The ultimate appearance of the results are determined by hair root channel opening in addition to hairline design and graft extraction. Hair develops in angles by nature. So it is important to open the most natural hair channels. Hair of Istanbul’s experienced team does it in a perfect way.