Forehead Reduction (Hairline Lowering) with Hair Transplant in Turkey

People with naturally wide foreheads or those experiencing hair loss that leads to a receding hairline may desire a narrower forehead appearance. Achieving this look can be possible through a specialized hair transplant procedure that targets this area, known as forehead reduction surgery.


Once your appointment is set, the HOI team arranges all essential transportation, offers insights into the procedure, and gives tips for a smooth process. An important preparation step is selecting a hairline that complements your face and head shape. The team works diligently to make sure everything comes together for a harmonious and appealing outcome.


Upon verification of your booking, the HOI group manages all critical logistical arrangements, including airport, hotel, and clinic transfers, all provided in luxury vehicles. Those who opt for HOI’s services will be treated to accommodations in 5-star hotels, which include breakfast. Throughout the treatment process, our dedicated team maintains continuous communication with the patient, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey without any hassles.


The initial consultation for forehead reduction surgery is of paramount importance. During this phase, your physician will assess if the procedure is right for you and offer guidance tailored to your desires. They will ensure you understand all vital information leading up to the surgery, so you’re both aware and ready.


The specialists at The Hair of Istanbul recommend that patients refrain from consuming alcohol and caffeine for a minimum of 2 days leading up to their forehead reduction surgery. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid any medications that can thin the blood on the day prior to the surgery. Patients are also advised to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water on the day before the procedure and to start the day of the surgery with a substantial breakfast


During the hair transplantation procedure, patients are typically under local anesthesia, ensuring they undergo the process comfortably. A skilled team carefully harvests hair follicles and strategically implants them in designated areas.

The entire procedure is meticulously planned, prioritizing patient safety and optimal outcomes. Throughout this procedure, patients often feel at ease and experience no pain or discomfort.

Determining the New Hairline

The initial stage of the procedure, and one of its most crucial components, is the design of the hairline. When designing the hairline, it is important not to encroach upon muscle tissue. We are precise in identifying the boundary between where the muscle begins and the hairline ends.

Follicular Unit Extraction

During follicular unit extraction (FUE), it is crucial to extract hair roots along with their surrounding tissue, while ensuring the skin remains undamaged. This delicate procedure is exclusively performed by experienced surgeons.

Root Channel Opening

The final results’ ultimate appearance is determined not only by the hairline design and graft extraction but also by the opening of the hair root channels. Hair naturally grows at certain angles, making it crucial to create the most natural hair channels. Hair of Istanbul’s experienced team excels in this aspect, ensuring that the channels are opened perfectly for a natural outcome.


Following the hair transplantation surgery, the doctor will provide you with details regarding post-procedure medications. On the day after the procedure, our nurses will take care of changing your medical dressings. Before you depart, a representative from the clinic will go over the aftercare instructions and provide a demonstration of the initial hair washing procedure to ensure you are well-prepared for your recovery.


Following the hair transplant procedure, both the donor and recipient sites on the patient’s scalp are quite delicate. Additionally, remnants of the anesthesia remain in the system. Actions like bending over or taking blows can potentially impact the outcomes of the surgery. It’s recommended to sleep using a travel pillow. In case of any urgent concerns, the HOI team is always on standby to assist.


At Hair of Istanbul, in collaboration with Kerastase, products handpicked by hair experts are utilized to promote quicker and healthier growth of transplanted hair. Before patients depart from the clinic, representatives from Hair of Istanbul supply them with these curated product sets.


The journey of hair transplantation truly begins with the surgical procedure. While the new hair begins to emerge between 3-5 months, the ultimate results are typically visible after 8-12 months. The seasoned team at HOI is attuned to patients’ concerns and consistently offers guidance throughout the recovery phase to guarantee complete patient satisfaction.