Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant: The Story Behind It!

Dive into the intriguing journey of the renowned rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, often abbreviated as MGK, as we unravel the story behind his transformative hair restoration process. Known for his edgy style and powerful lyrics, MGK started showing signs of significant hair thinning in his twenties, prompting a wave of speculation among his fans and the media.

The increasing visibility of his scalp was a stark contrast to the full-headed image that he had once flaunted, pointing towards an underlying issue. But the enigma was solved when observers noted a significant change in MGK’s hair pattern, pointing towards a possible hair transplant.

So, join us as we explore the narrative behind the notable shift in the superstar’s appearance, and the intricate procedure that potentially took place behind the scenes.

The Onset of MGK’s Hair Thinning Problem

It appears that Machine Gun Kelly has been grappling with serious hair loss issues since his twenties. Over time, the problem escalated to such a point that a significant portion of his hair started to thin and fall out, leading to noticeable bald spots. This evidently caused a dramatic shift in his appearance, marking the early signs of MGK’s struggle with hair loss. [1]

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Did Machine Gun Kelly Get A Hair Transplant?

The acclaimed rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, aka MGK, hasn’t openly admitted to undergoing a hair transplant. However, a notable shift in his hair pattern doesn’t leave much to the imagination. His receding hairline and substantial bald spots around the temples seem to have been replaced with a full, stylish hairdo.

Before and After Comparison

Analyzing MGK’s before and after pictures, there’s an undeniable transformation that suggests a hair transplant even without explicit confirmation from the rapper. The change in his hair’s volume and structure seems too significant to be attributed to any temporary solutions or natural recovery.

Where Did MGK Get His Hair Transplant?

MGK typically resides in his luxurious $7.5 million mansion located in Encino, Los Angeles, California. Consequently, rumors suggest that he likely had his hair transplant in a clinic in Los Angeles. However, since no specific clinic has been mentioned, it remains a conjecture, and the surgeon who carried out the procedure remains unknown as well. [2]

Despite MGK having lived in Egypt for four years, the probability of him having his transplant there is not generally considered plausible.

Number of Grafts Involved in MGK’s Transplant

Given the impressive transformation in MGK’s hair pattern, both in terms of the hairline and temples, it is inferred that the procedure was extensive.

Experts estimate that around 3,000 grafts may have been implanted to achieve this broad coverage, signifying a significant surgical intervention. [3]

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Unveiling MGK’s Hair Transplant Method

Upon close observation of Machine Gun Kelly’s post-transplant appearance, it’s evident that the renowned rapper likely chose the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method for his hair restoration journey. The telltale sign is a linear scar tracing the back of his head, which is a characteristic outcome of the FUT technique. [4]

In the FUT procedure, a strip of tissue, which hosts numerous hair follicles, is surgically removed from the donor area—typically the back of the head. This strip is then divided into individual follicular units, which are transplanted into the bald or thinning areas on the scalp. Because of the method of extraction, a linear scar remains in the donor area, which can usually be concealed by the patient’s remaining hair. The presence of such a scar on MGK’s scalp provides a strong hint towards the adoption of the FUT method for his hair transplant.

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From significant hair loss to a full, stylish hairdo, the transformation of Machine Gun Kelly’s hair is nothing short of impressive. While MGK has never openly admitted to undergoing a hair transplant, the evidence pointing towards such a procedure is pretty compelling. His journey serves as an inspiration to those battling hair loss and considering hair transplant as a potential solution.

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