When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant can be a game-changer, giving you the fuller, healthier hair you’ve always wanted. But it’s not just about the procedure itself. The aftercare is equally important, especially when it comes to washing your hair.

You might be wondering about the appropriate time to resume your usual hair washing routine. It’s a common question and one that deserves careful consideration. In this article, we will delve into this topic, providing you with a timeline and guidelines to ensure the best results from your hair transplant. Let’s explore when you can safely return to your normal hair washing schedule after undergoing a hair transplant.

How Fragile Are Hair Grafts?

Hair grafts are extremely fragile, particularly in the first two weeks post-procedure. It’s important to take extra care during this period. Your post-hair transplant care should be done gently and meticulously. Keep in mind, it’s essential to abandon your old hair care routines for at least 3-4 weeks to ensure the safety and success of the transplant. [1]


When Can I Wash My Hair After Hair Transplant?

48 hours after your hair transplant, it’s time for the first wash. This first wash is typically performed at the clinic. You’ll be guided on how to wash your hair properly, and educated on other important aspects to look out for.


How Can I Wash My Hair 2 Weeks After Hair Transplant?

Two weeks post-transplant, you won’t need to be as gentle as in the early days. However, it’s crucial to avoid rubbing your grafts or drying your hair harshly with a towel. These precautions help protect your new hair grafts from damage.

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Can I Wash My Hair With Normal Shampoo After Hair Transplant?

For the first 7 days post-transplant, use the shampoos recommended by your doctor. These are specifically formulated to not harm your grafts. From the second week onwards, you can consult your doctor about returning to your regular shampoo. Even at this stage, steer clear of harsh chemicals and styling products to maintain the health of your hair. [2]

How Long Does It Take Hair Grafts To Set?

Hair grafts begin to settle around 10 days post-procedure and significantly improve by the end of 2 weeks. Though it’s too early to completely return to your old routine, this time frame is sufficient for the surgical appearance to fade. [3]


Should I Wash My Transplanted Hair Every Day?

Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, daily hair washing following your transplant is recommended. This daily routine serves two main purposes:

  •       Maintaining a clean and hygienic scalp
  •       Promoting faster removal of any scabbing in the graft area

Remember, always follow your doctor’s specific instructions for the best results.

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What You Cannot Do After Hair Transplant?

Following a hair transplant, it’s essential to avoid certain activities to promote successful healing. Here’s a quick table for easy reference:

Engage in strenuous physical activitiesIt can cause sweating and disrupt the healing process.
Swim in a pool or seaChlorine and salt water can damage the grafts.
Expose your scalp to direct sunlightSunburn can damage the grafts and impede healing.
Consume alcohol or smokeThese can hinder the healing process.
Scratch or rub the transplant areaThis can dislodge the new grafts.
Use harsh chemical productsThey can irritate the scalp and affect the grafts.


How Can I Speed Up My Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

Several factors can contribute to faster hair growth following a hair transplant. Here’s a helpful table:

Maintain a healthy dietProteins and vitamins are essential for hair growth.
Massage your scalp gentlyIt stimulates blood flow which promotes growth.
Avoid stressHigh stress levels can affect hair growth negatively.
Get plenty of sleepAdequate sleep is necessary for the body’s regenerative processes.




Can you wear a cap after 14 days of hair transplant?

After a hair transplant, you might be able to wear a loose hat after 14 days. However, for a tight hat or cap, you should wait at least 3 to 4 weeks to avoid any potential damage to your grafts.

How do you wash your hair 3 weeks after a hair transplant?

If your grafts are in good condition and there are no complications, you can generally return to your normal washing routine after 3 weeks. Always ensure to be gentle to avoid any possible harm.

Can you rub your transplanted hair after 10 days?

No, 10 days is too early to start rubbing your transplanted hair. It’s important to avoid any unnecessary contact that could dislodge the grafts or hinder the healing process.

When can you use a towel after a hair transplant?

Wait for 3-4 weeks post-transplant before using a towel on your hair. When you do start using one, remember to pat your hair dry instead of rubbing to protect the grafts.

Can you touch your hair 7 days after a hair transplant?

Touching your hair 7 days post-transplant is not advised. For the first 2 weeks, you should only gently touch your hair while washing it.

Are hair grafts secure after 7 days?

No, hair grafts require at least 2 to 3 weeks to secure properly. This period could be longer depending on individual healing processes.

Can grafts be dislodged after 10 days?

It’s possible for a graft to dislodge after a transplant, but it’s extremely rare. If it does occur, it generally happens within the first or second day post-procedure and is usually accompanied by some bleeding. [4]

When can you brush your hair after a hair transplant?

Experts generally recommend waiting for 3 weeks before brushing or scratching your hair after a hair transplant. However, the best advice can be given by your doctor based on your personal healing process. [5]

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Hair Washing Periods (Summary Table)

Our summary table offers a detailed overview of these periods, helping ensure optimal care for your transplanted hair. [6]

First Wash48 hours after the procedure, wash gently according to instructions or this can be done at the clinic.
Days 0-3Hair should be washed gently with special shampoo using only your fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water (neither hot nor cold) without any pressure.
Days 3-7Continue the daily washing routine with gentle touches. Do not use a towel to dry; instead, a hairdryer can be used on low heat and held at a distance.
Days 7-14You can switch to your normal shampoo. During this period, a towel can be used with light touches without rubbing. It’s still too early to use hair care products like hair spray or hair gel.



Navigating the aftercare process of a hair transplant, particularly the hair washing routine, is crucial to ensure the success of the procedure. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into when and how you can return to your normal hair wash routine. It’s important to remember that each person’s recovery may vary slightly, making open communication with your medical team essential.

At Hair of Istanbul, we understand the importance of thorough guidance and support throughout the hair transplant journey. Our renowned clinic is committed to providing comprehensive care, ensuring that patients are well-informed about the post-procedure process. By following our prescribed aftercare instructions closely, you can optimize your results and make your journey towards a fuller head of hair smoother. We believe that professional guidance and meticulous aftercare are crucial elements in achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients.



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