Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant: The Story Behind His New Look!

Football’s captivating world is always full of surprises, on and off the pitch. Among these marvels is Wayne Rooney’s amazing transformation. The renowned English striker, who shined with his impressive skills on the field, has caught everyone’s attention with his renewed hairline. As age and the pressures of high-level sports began to leave their mark on his once luscious mane, Rooney decided not to let nature have its way.

Rumors of a hair transplant circulated, whispers of a new look echoed in the world of sports. Suddenly, Rooney appeared in the public eye, his head full of dense and rejuvenated hair, sparking intrigue and admiration from fans and rivals alike.

In this article, we will venture into the journey of Rooney’s hair transplant, revealing the tale behind his fresh new appearance.

Who Is Wayne Rooney?

Known globally for his exceptional skills and contribution to football, Wayne Rooney is more than a household name. Born in Liverpool, England, in 1985, he has etched his legacy in the world of sports. A natural athlete, Rooney began his professional journey with Everton, before making his monumental move to Manchester United.

Rooney’s tenure at Manchester United truly solidified his status as a football legend. He led the team to multiple Premier League titles and other prestigious accolades, captivating fans with his scoring prowess and leadership. Off the pitch, Rooney is equally as noteworthy, renowned for his philanthropy and larger-than-life personality.

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When Did Wayne Rooney’s Hair Loss Start?

As Wayne Rooney’s football career soared to new heights in the early 2000s, the forward faced an off-field battle: the onset of hair loss. The charismatic Liverpool-born player was just a teenager at the time and was beginning to show signs of hair loss. [1]

As her career progressed over the years, this hair loss became more and more evident. Rooney has seen her diminishing hairline in countless photos and publications. Despite the typicality of male pattern baldness, the change in Rooney’s appearance over the years sparked great public interest and ultimately speculation about potential solutions.


How Wayne Rooney Got His Hair Back?

In the face of mounting speculation regarding his thinning hair, Wayne Rooney decided to take a stand. Rumors began to circulate that the football icon was considering a hair transplant, a cosmetic procedure that could give him back the dense hair of his youth. Fans and spectators watched closely as Rooney’s appearance started to subtly change over time. [2]

Renowned footballer Wayne Rooney, whose thickened hair is a clear sign of recovery, hasn’t shied away from answering questions about his hair loss journey. He has brought clarity to the conversation, providing insights and addressing queries, without explicitly detailing the exact steps taken for his hair restoration.

Did Wayne Rooney Use Finasteride?

The path to restoring Wayne Rooney’s hair has drawn significant attention and stirred up much speculation. One topic that often arises is whether the famous footballer used Finasteride, a common medication known for treating hair loss. However, clarity on this matter has not been provided by Rooney himself. [3]

Thus, without a concrete statement from Rooney, any discussion about his use of Finasteride remains purely speculative.

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Did Wayne Rooney Get A Hair Transplant?

In 2011, football star Wayne Rooney surprised fans worldwide when he revealed he had undergone his first major hair transplant procedure. The goal-scoring icon decided to address his noticeable hair loss with this procedure, successfully restoring much of his hair’s youthful appearance.



Only a short while later, Rooney underwent a second hair transplant. Although this subsequent procedure wasn’t as extensive as the first, it played a significant role in further refining his hair’s appearance.

Rooney’s decision to openly share his experience played a significant part in bringing attention to hair restoration procedures, making the subject more approachable for many dealing with similar issues.

Which Technique Was Used?

When Wayne Rooney decided to tackle his receding hairline, he opted for the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. This innovative hair transplant method has been preferred due to its minimal invasiveness and virtually undetectable scarring. FUE involves individual extraction of hair follicles, ensuring a natural-looking result that mimics the pattern of hair growth.

For his second hair transplant procedure, Rooney stuck with the FUE technique. The repetition of this choice underscores Rooney’s satisfaction with the initial procedure and results. Not only has the FUE technique allowed Rooney to sport a fuller hairline but it has also sparked a greater interest in this less invasive method among the public dealing with similar hair concerns.

How Many Grafts Are Planted?

The success of Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant journey can be attributed to the large number of grafts transplanted. The first hair transplant that served as the primary procedure is believed to have involved 2,500 to 3,000 grafts. These grafts played a crucial role in achieving a fuller, more natural-looking hairline for Rooney and dramatically changed her appearance.

About 1,000 grafts were used when Rooney decided to have a second hair transplant. While this was less extensive than the first procedure, it served to improve and enhance the already impressive results of the first transplant. This significant number of grafts transplanted in both procedures underscores the extensive nature of Rooney’s hair restoration journey.

Where Did Wayne Rooney Get His Hair Transplant?

It’s known that Wayne Rooney made the choice to undergo his hair transplant procedures in the bustling city of London. The capital city, renowned for its high-quality medical services, is home to some of the most prestigious clinics in the world.

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Why Did Rooney Have 2 Hair Transplants?

Wayne Rooney, the celebrated footballer, has undergone two hair transplant procedures to address his hair loss. Each procedure played a critical role in Rooney’s hair restoration journey, culminating in a vastly improved, fuller hairline.

First Procedure:

In 2011, Wayne Rooney took a decisive step in addressing his hair loss and underwent his first hair transplant procedure. This procedure aimed to revive the former glory of his hairline and temples, areas that had become noticeably thin over time.

Post-procedure, Rooney’s satisfaction was apparent. The procedure resulted in a significantly fuller and more youthful hairline, greatly enhancing his appearance.

Second Procedure:

After achieving significant results with his first hair transplant, Wayne Rooney decided to undertake a second procedure. His desire was to add more volume and create an even denser appearance to his hair.

The objective was to enhance the already impressive results of his first procedure, further improving his overall look. The second procedure added the desired volume to Rooney’s hair, achieving a thicker and fuller appearance.

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Wayne Rooney Before and After Hair Transplant

If you’re curious about the striking transformation of Wayne Rooney post-hair transplant, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these before-and-after pictures that showcase the impressive results of Rooney’s hair restoration journey.



Witnessing Wayne Rooney’s transformation indeed presents an inspirational narrative, proving how a shift in appearance can uplift confidence. It underlines that hair transplantation is not solely about vanity; it’s about regaining the positive self-image that often retreats with receding hairlines.

Rooney’s decision to undergo this procedure was a personal one, and his results showcase how it can dramatically change one’s appearance while still looking natural. In doing so, he also lifted the veil of misunderstanding that often surrounds hair transplants, paving the way for many to consider this life-changing option.

At Hair of Istanbul, we’re committed to delivering the same high standards of care and quality that Rooney experienced. Our team of skilled professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provides personalized treatment plans for every client, ensuring the best possible results.

For anyone inspired by Rooney’s journey and considering a similar path, we’re here to help. At Hair of Istanbul, your transformation story awaits. Contact us today, and take the first step towards regaining your confidence, just like Rooney did.



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